TEA-Energy on 3 continents

TEA-Energy on 3 continents

At TEA-Energy we value multidisciplinary and cross-cultural teams. We provide worldwide innovative and efficient energy solutions for the solar and the LED lighting industry.

Our aim is to stay continuously at the edge of the technology: innovation, design thinking, engineering challenges drive us to constantly improve (y)our products, through our manufacturing capabilities.

TEA Brands & Components

Qaledo Design

Filament LED Lighting

Qaledo-Design aims at creating elegant and innovative LED lighting that can be turned into an outstanding piece of art. The daily work is based on providing high quality and cutting-edge light bulbs that creates the unique light atmosphere.

Qaledo Horti

Horticultural LED Lighting

Qaledo-Horti is specialized in designing and manufacturing high performance LED lighting for horticulture and indoor farming. The aim is to develop the ideal lighting solution which corresponds the best to the needs of each grower.


Industrial lighting

Qaledo manufactures and provides reliable and efficient LED lighting solutions for the industry and retail market. Qaledo is distributed through distributors, project developpers and installation companies across all Europe.


Experienced with customer all around the world , we take care that your goods are shipped timely and delivered where you need from any of our distribution centres in Belgium, China and Namibia